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Astromech Vocalizer

The Astromech Vocalizer from Human-Cyborg Relations lets users design their very own astromech with a custom voice and personality.
The software is built on the foundation of the R2-D2 Vocalizer: a fully functional AI powered by advanced research into the speech patterns and emotional logic of R2-D2.
A sophisticated algorithm assembles the astromech's speech phoneme by phoneme. Billions upon billions of rules dictate how each sound should be selected, processed, timed, and sequenced to achieve emotional and canonical accuracy.
Users can customize their astromech's vocabulary to create a droid that communicates exclusively in beeps or that never whistles. They can adjust the overall pitch to create a soprano droid, a bass droid, or anything in between using an advanced formant-preserving pitch shifting algorithm. They can set the rate of speech and drawl to create a frenetic droid or a deliberate droid. They can tailor a custom personality that governs how the droid responds vocally and emotionally to stimuli... tendencies that will evolve as the droid learns, grows, and develops a living memory.
All Human-Cyborg Relations products are free. A donation to FIRST Robotics is required for use. Commercial use is prohibited.
The Astromech Vocalizer is available on the following platforms:
  • App for use on Android, iOS, and macOS 11+
  • Embedded for use in on-board applications
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