R2-D2 Vocalizer

The R2-D2 Vocalizer from Human-Cyborg Relations is a fully functional AI powered by advanced research into the speech patterns and emotional logic of R2-D2.
Each vocalization is unique. A sophisticated algorithm assembles R2’s speech phoneme by phoneme. Billions upon billions of rules dictate how each sound should be selected, processed, timed, and sequenced to achieve emotional and canonical accuracy. For more information, visit http://humancyborgrelations.com/r2d2/
To create a custom astromech voice, see the Astromech Vocalizer.
All Human-Cyborg Relations products are free. A donation to FIRST Robotics is required for use. Commercial use is prohibited.
The R2-D2 Vocalizer is available on the following platforms:
  • App for use on Android, iOS, and macOS 11+
  • Embedded for use in on-board applications
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