Change Log

v6 (App)

  • [App] Fixed crash on devices set to certain language regions

v5 (Embedded)

  • [Embedded] Added <QVV>, <QVA>, and <QVB> commands to query volume settings

  • [Embedded] Fixed crash when changing volume settings while playing a WAV file

  • [Embedded] Improved compatibility with Grnwave boards

v4 (Embedded)

  • [Embedded] Fixed musings vocalizing at overly long intervals

  • [Embedded] Added <MM> command to trigger single muse vocalization

  • [Embedded] Added <MN> and <MX> commands to set min and max gap between musings when muse mode is enabled

  • [Embedded] Fixed <QD> response to begin with QD rather than DF

  • [Embedded] Override emotion command and volume command values no longer have to be formatted as three digits with leading zeroes such as 001. Input values such 1 or 13 will now parse correctly.

  • [Embedded] Connection value in Config.txt now defaults to Serial1 instead of Serial

  • [Embedded] The Serial (USB) connection is now always active regardless of the Connection setting in Config.txt

  • [Docs] Updated docs to show correct <QD> response

  • [Docs] Consolidated setup steps into "Getting Started" page

v3 (App)

  • [App] Added export button for exporting settings to embedded platform

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