Getting Started

1) Load Software onto the Teensy

  1. Download the .hex file containing the vocalizer software:

  2. Connect the Teensy to your computer via USB.

    • Be sure to use a USB Micro B cable that is rated for data transmission. Many Micro B cables are only capable of charging. If you are having connectivity issues with your Teensy, try purchasing a data-rated cable such as this one.

  3. Open the Teensy Loader application.

  4. From the "File" menu, choose "Open HEX File" and select the .hex file.

  5. Press the white button on the Teensy next to the SD card slot. A red light should turn on.

  6. From the "File" menu, choose "Program." Wait for the progress bar to complete.

2) Teensy -> Audio Adapter

Connect the Teensy to the Teensy Audio Adapter. The Teensy stacks directly on top of the Audio Adapter. The two must be soldered. Reference the Teensy page for pin information.

3) Command System -> Teensy

Connect your command system of choice to the Teensy via Serial or I2C. Reference the Teensy page for pin information.

If necessary, edit Config.txt to support your particular command system.

4) Teensy Audio Out -> Amplifier

Connect the Audio Adapter's line-level outut pins to your amplifier. Reference the Audio Adapter page for pin information.

5) Amplifier -> Speakers

Connect your amplifier to your speakers. Follow the instructions for your particular hardware.

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