The embedded version of the R2-D2 Vocalizer is designed for use in on-board applications. It is powered by Teensy.

The embedded vocalizer can also play custom sounds from an SD card. It supports simultaneous playback of the vocalizer and up to two WAV files with independent volume control. WAVs are capable of higher quality audio than MP3 files. Therefore, the embedded vocalizer is a blanket upgrade over the commonly used Sparkfun MP3Trigger.

Please make a $20 minimum donation to FIRST Robotics if you use the R2-D2 Vocalizer for Teensy. Commercial use is prohibited.

Download links are available here: https://humancyborgrelations.com/r2d2/

The embedded version is signficantly more complex to implement than the app version. It is geared towards expert users who require reliable, on-board hardware:

  • A command system sends commands to the Teensy.

  • The vocalizer processes those commands and produces low power, "line-level" audio output.

  • Your amp receives the line-level signal from the Teensy, then boosts it for playback on speakers.

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