Volume Adjustment

Volume can be adjusted in two places:

  1. Software volume affects the audio signal inside the Teensy. This can be adjusted from 0 to 100 for each source (vocalizer / WAV channel A / WAV channel B) using volume commands.

  2. Amplifier volume affects the audio signal coming out of your amp. This can be adjusted using the volume knob on your amp.

Finding Your Maximum Software Volume

You may need to use more limited software volume ranges than 0-100 to avoid distortion. This depends on how you plan to use the vocalizer.

If you will only play one source at a time...

You can safely use the full 0-100 range for each source.

If you will play multiple sources simultaneously — i.e. playing two WAVs at once, or triggering the vocalizer while a WAV is playing...

You will need to use a limited range. If you set every source to 100, the combined signals will distort. To determine your maximum settings:

  1. Start with all of the Config.txt volume settings at 100.

  2. Set your amp to a comfortable listening level.

  3. Use play commands to play all of your sources simultaneously. Use the vocalizer's scream and your loudest WAV files.

  4. Use volume commands to adjust the loudest source downward.

  5. Keep playing, listening, and adjusting until:

    • You hear no distortion, and

    • You are satisfied with the relative balance of all three sources.

Make note; these are your maximum software volume settings.

(Depending on the loudness of your WAV files, you may end up with something like 80 for VolumeVocalizer, 60 for VolumeWavA, and 60 for VolumeWavB)

Adjusting Volume on the Fly

Turn up your amplifier volume to the desired setting for your environment.

Then use the software volume commands as a volume "cut" to adjust the levels of each source from 0 to max (as determined above).

If your sound system is not loud enough even with your software volume settings maxed and your amp turned all the way up, your only recourse is to upgrade your amp and/or speakers.

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