R2D2Vocalizer.txt contains vocalizer settings and data that persist between sessions, such as vocalizations you have stored to memory.

The R2D2Vocalizer.txt file resides in the root directory of the SD card.

The file is created automatically with default values after completing the software setup and running the vocalizer for the first time. It can also be created manually.



0 for Improvisational mode, 1 for Canonical mode



Choose Strict or Organic memory playback

0 for Organic playback, 1 for Strict playback



Vocalization stored in memory, where # is an integer


0 to disable override, 1 to enable


Default R2D2Vocalizer.txt


Transferring Data from App to Teensy

You can export your saved data from the app for use with the Teensy. For example, you could create a custom vocalization using the app's script panel and play it back on your Teensy.

To do this, you must copy data from the app and paste it into the R2D2Vocalizer.txt file on your SD card:

  1. Remove your SD card from your Teensy and connect it to your computer.

    • You may need to purchase a micro SD card reader if your computer does not already have a reader built in.

  2. Navigate to the root directory of the SD card.

  3. Open R2D2Vocalizer.txt in a text editor.

  4. Open the app on your mobile device.

  5. In the app, navigate to the Override Panel.

  6. Press the EXPORT DATA button. The data will be copied as text to your device's clipboard.

  7. Transfer the copied text from your mobile device to the computer on which you are editing R2D2Vocalizer.txt. To accomplish this, you may wish to paste the text into an email and email it to yourself.

  8. Paste the copied text into R2D2Vocalizer.txt.

    • If you wish to completely replace the saved settings for your Teensy vocalizer with the settings from the app, delete everything in R2D2Vocalizer.txt before pasting in the new data.

    • If you wish to keep some settings from the Teensy and some settings from the app, you will need to go through line by line and decide which settings to keep and which settings to replace.

  9. Save R2D2Vocalizer.txt. The formatting should look like this, though you may have additional fields.

  10. Unmount the SD card from your computer and insert it back into the card reader on the Teensy.

    • Remember to use the card reader on the Teensy, not the reader on the Audio Adapter.

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